My Sister’s Big Fat Indian Wedding : Ramoji Film City (With Video)

My Mama’s daughter & my dear sister Rashi is very close to my heart. She is one of the sweetest girl I have ever known. Her heart is pure and when she speaks its like she’s spreading honey all around her. I was ecstatic to learn when she decided to tie the knot and couldn’t wait to celebrate with her.

I took a flight from Toronto to Hyderabad  with a short layover in Delhi.  30+ hours of no sleep did not stop my excitement when I got to Hyderabad.

The drive from the Hyderabad Airport to Ramoji Film City was very different than the drive to the main city. It was actually a beautiful drive and once we got to Ramoji Film city, on my entrance, I could see many film sets approaching. I was tempted to stop and look around but made my way straight to the hotel.

The guests were staying at the Sitaara Hotel , a luxury hotel inside the Ramoji Film city. This hotel is famous for many Actors including Prabhaas from Baahubali, Amitabh Bachchan & many other staying with them during their schedules at the film city.

On arrival, I was greeted by a Tika and a welcome drink with my Mama ( Mom’s brother) by my side, the lobby was filled with so many family members I had not seen in 10 years and it was such an emotional trip greeting everyone.

When I met the bride to be she was on her way to the Tel ceremony, we both were super excited to see each other as we thought I wouldn’t be able to make it to the wedding initially. The first ceremony was the Tel ceremony in which girls apply oil on bride to be’s feet, knees, hand, shoulders and head 5 times.

After Tel ceremony and a truly delicious Indian lunch, my first meal since I landed in India, we headed up to our rooms to get some rest and get ready for the Sangeet.

Sangeet is one of the most important wedding function at an Indian wedding as you can dance your heart out with family and friends. The Sangeet function was held at Princess Convention centre which was a 5 minute drive from the hotel inside the Ramoji Film city. The food was excellent here as well and I simply enjoyed the Hyderabadi Biryanis and my favourite Dum Aloo at all of these wedding feasts!

Next morning was the Haldi Ceremony, the applying of the Turmeric on groom and bride to be’s face so that their skin is clean, pure and beautiful for the wedding day. This event was by the poolside of the Sitaara hotel. The venue was decorated in the colours of yellow and pink and the guests were asked to dress up in Yellow colour outfits. It was a hot sunny day in Hyderabad and it seemed like only a few of us would turn up to the venue because of the heat but a huge shoutout to the big Air-Coolers and our sunnies for  protecting  us from the scorching heat.

Haldi ceremony was easily my favourite ceremony and event out of all of the wedding events as I danced so much and it had a lot to do with Air coolers blowing wind through my hair and with flower petals falling down on my hair, it felt like I was in a Bollywood movie set. 

Later that evening, reception was held at  Mughal Gardens at the Ramoji Film city. IT was undoubtedly the longest & the grandest wedding venue I have ever been to in my life. It was beautifully lit and decorated with a food selection of over 2000 items on the menu easily. To get to the one end of the venue from the other end, you literally needed to use a car , it was that long! I was so happy to see when the bride entered, She is a natural beauty who looked Stunning in her wedding attire and all I felt is love for my baby sister and wished her good luck for her future. She looked so innocent and while we heard the baarat procession in the background, she danced to the music in her playful , cheerful manner just like how I have known her.

After the Baarat entered, The Varmaala ceremony ( exchanging of garlands) was held at the top of a dome in a majestic way with audience watching from the bottom and fire crackers, soulful instrumental music in the background. My Mama Mami & sister Roli had paid special attention to details at this wedding and it was showing! It was a beautiful ceremony and finally the wedding reception began on the stage where the bride and groom greeted their guests and took photos.

After the wedding reception, close family and friends headed back to the hotel for the Feras, the wedding ceremony where the Bride and Groom were happily married. It was a great feeling to be witnessing my sisters beautiful journey and wedding functions.

Next morning was time to checkout and say our goodbyes to family and friends who we spent wonderful two days with. While the lobby was full of wedding guests waiting to check out, we were greeted by the Special appearance of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan who was staying at the hotel and was on his way out for his shooting schedule. The crowd went crazy on seeing the legendary actor and the entire wedding trip became although more memorable with his guest appearance.

Here is a Video from the Wedding Celebrations:


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