This Paris hotel has the most stunning view!

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If you are new to this website, my name is Garima & I am an accessory designer travelling the world in search for my next design inspiration. If you wish, you can read more about me and this website here.

Today I will be sharing my experience at the Pullman Paris Eiffel tower hotel.

I stayed at the Hotel Pullman Paris Eiffel tower in September 2017 during the Paris Fashion week with my husband Abhinav. I booked this hotel for only one reason: the incredible view of the Eiffel tower . This hotel is literally a stone’s throw away from the Eiffel tower, as soon as you approach the hotel’s entrance you can see almost the entire tower up & close. I booked the Superior Room with an Eiffel Tower View via .

On arrival, we were greeted by the warm and friendly staff of the hotel who were kind enough to  upgrade our room to the Deluxe Room. The check in time of the hotel was 2 pm but we arrived earlier around 10:00 am so I was really hoping for an early check in. Unfortunately we were unable to get the early check in due to the busy season but they assured us that we will be very happy with our upgraded room once it was ready.  So after leaving our bags in the luggage storage area we went out to grab some lunch.

When we came back to the hotel, our room was ready and it was situated on the 9th floor of the hotel, which to me was quite exciting, as I love rooms that give a panoramic view of the city. On arrival , I was looking forward to a great room as they promised but as soon as I opened the door, I froze for a second as the room looked very basic at first and I didn’t see any Eiffel tower through the glass window, a view that I had reserved already with a premium rate. However few steps into the room I realized we had been upgraded to a room with a private balcony which offered the most breath-taking view of the city and the Eiffel Tower!

My first impressions and reactions can also be seen on the video I have added above. I was so ecstatic with this sight that I called almost all of my friends & family to share this breathtaking beauty with them. I had been to Paris thrice before this trip and seen the Eiffel tower numerous times and not cared for it as much as I did this time just because of this hotel’s balcony and view, it truly was an extraordinary sight.

Paris is known for its unusually small rooms and this room was pretty decent in size compared to traditional Parisian hotels. It was neither too small nor too big with a minimalist and contemporary décor. It was definitely the biggest room compared to other rooms I have stayed in Paris before.

After putting on some music on the dock system provided by the hotel we sat down in the balcony to enjoy and have a good time. As some of you know that I am an accessory designer at Garéma and one of the reasons I was visiting Paris was to do a product shoot of my evening purses and this hotel seemed to be a great choice as I wanted the Eiffel tower in the background. Thankfully, It was a beautiful and a sunny day in Paris and hence the photo shoot went great! Here are some photos

Garema official Paris Travelling In Style PhotoshootGarema official Paris Travelling In Style Photoshoot 2Paris pullma

The most incredible part of this hotel room was when we witnessed the sparkling lights of the Eiffel tower at night from the balcony which takes places every hour for 5 minutes.

The only drawback to the hotel was it did not have many eateries nearby, everything was at least 15-20 minutes away which is not too bad but when in Paris, I love to step out and savour some baked delicacies instantly . I will rate this hotel a 7/10 simply because of the balcony and the view and the incredible customer service by the front desk.  I would defintely recommend you to stay at this hotel and would love to go back and stay here in future myself.

pullman paris image.jpg
Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower

I hope you liked this review, if you have any additional questions, please comment below and I would happily answer them to the best of my knowledge and get back within 24 hours. Also if you have any other feedback please feel free to comment below!

Enjoy your stay in Paris!

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