January 1st : Time to set some goals? or not?

January 1st 2018

Wow, its 2018 already? I feel like It was just yesterday when I was dancing to Mambo no.5 at my aunts 1999 New years eve house party in Mumbai ( It’s funny but Seriously I was dancing to it) . Time is flying so fast it’s insane! In School , it seemed like that the days would just never end, the classroom lectures were long and the lunch breaks were so short. And now, here we are with these years running at a speed of 365 days per second!

So It’s January 1st today, the one day of the calendar year which has to face the maximum pressure from all of us as we are setting high goals for the new year and making realistic and unrealistic New Year Resolutions. This year I decided not to make any resolution on New year’s day because somehow I feel on January 1st I get excited and set some unrealistic goals for myself that I forget by end of January forget about following it till the end of the year. I feel if I set too many goals at once I may not be able to achieve them at all in the stress and pressure of achieving them.

What I have decided this year is to make short and long term goals throughout the year  and try to achieve them one by one. This way I won’t feel the pressure to do so much at once and hopefully I’ll be able to achieve these goals better compared to previous years!

I would love to know What’s your new year resolution this year? Have you been successful in implementing your resolutions in the past couple of years? Would love to hear your opinion and suggestions, do let me know in the comments below and have a happy New Year!


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