Sylvia Mantella receives the Inaugural UforChange Champion Award

27th May 2017: Philanthropist Sylvia Mantella, Chief Marketing officer of Mantella Corporation receives the Inaugural U for Change Champion Award.  She’s an animal lover, a beauty with a warm and generous heart and an undying passion for fashion.

While doing her philanthrophical work in the last ten years she’s often asked how does one give back ? “It takes one person to give back” says Syliva. “If there are 6 million people and we take even half of that population for example and make one person commit to a $1 donation a month for a year then that’s $360 million raised”.

The award was followed by video presentations and a fashion show by U for Change fashion program grads. UforChange provides young people in Toronto with a series of high-impact, hands-on creative workshops led by a team of professional creative mentors.

Here are some photos from the event:

Garema and beckerman sisters
The Beckerman Sisters, Garima
Sylvia Mantella, Garima, Vicky Milner
Gail McInnes , Garima



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